Four photos of Ramin Zmicer are participating in the exhibition, which takes place in London, the Flaxon Ptootch gallery.

The exhibition is supported by the British-Ukrainian Society in London. The organizer and the main sponsor of the exhibition – is HAPPENSTANCE RADIO

Dates: October 13 – November 9, 2011
Venue: Salon gallery Flaxon Ptootch, Kentish Town area, London
The curator of the exhibition – Anastasia Kohan

flaxon-ptootch-1(Photo by Douglas Cape)

flaxon-ptootch-2(Photo by Douglas Cape)

flaxon-ptootch-3 (Photo by Roman Sosnilo)

flaxon-ptootch-4(Photo by Roman Sosnilo)

flaxon-ptootch-5(Photo by Roman Sosnilo)